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Mad Max: Fury Road (English) Movie Review

Mad Max: Fury Road (English) Movie Rating

After a 30 year long wait, we finally see the release of the fourth film in George Miller's Mad Max series. Set in a post-apocalyptic Australia, MAD MAX: FURY ROAD (MMFR) is the story of 'Mad' Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy) and his battle to survive in a desert wasteland after the collapse of civilization. Taking the series forward after MAD MAX: BEYOND THUNDERDOME, the film features Hardy taking the torch from Mel Gibson, with a promise of a journey filled with action, weird jalopies, unending deserts, grotesque mutations and almost bald women. If that wasn't enough, MMFR also features the gorgeous Charlize Theron in what is by far her most de-glam look ever as Imperator Furiosa. But does the film live up to expectations managing to please the action hungry audience as well as the geeky fan boys who have waited for this movie or does MMFR hold true to Hardy's dialogue in the film, "Hope is a mistake"… let's analyze.

MMFR starts off with a monologue by Max's character, detailing the post-apocalyptic world that has all but been destroyed, throwing light on the warring factions of the living and undead who are at battle to control the little resources left. From here, the film soon progresses to show Max being captured by the War Boys, led by a tyrannical cult leader king Immortan Joe (Hugh Keays-Byrne), who designates him as a universal donor (thanks to his O positive blood group). However, with nothing left but the instinct to survive in a harsh wasteland, Max soon breaks free from bondage. Simultaneously, there is another rebellion happening with Imperator Furiosa, deciding to break free from Joe's oppressive rule and make her way to the 'Green Place'. Accompanying Furiosa, are five of Joe's breeders, basically unblemished women specially selected for breeding. However, all hell breaks loose when Joe realizes of this mutiny and sets out in pursuit of Furiosa and his breeders along with the entire War Boys army, and the armies from Gas Town and Bullet Farm in tow. In the ensuing battle, Max who is strapped to a misshapen jalopy manages to break free, to eventually form an alliance with Furiosa.

From here on the film take a turn with intense action sequences, each of which is sadly followed by rather unimpressive drives to the endless desert expanse. While the action is beautifully choreographed, Hardy ironically 'hardly' ever gets a chance to live up to his action avatar (remember his action sequences in THE DARK KNIGHT), since most of the action centers around vehicular warfare. As for the story, George Miller's brilliance in developing a simple concept of Max's battle to survive against all odds, shines through encapsulating almost everything from dangers of climatic changes, to religious and superstitions beliefs. In fact, he seamlessly intertwines social messages within the film with subtlety that only speaks of his directorial skills. The dialogues in MMFR are limited, with Miller opting to develop inter-character relationships and conveying messages through action, cinematic visuals and dire circumstances the characters are faced with.

Talking about performances, Tom Hardy is exceptional in portraying the mentally troubled Max, who is constantly at battle with the demons inside him and is a definitive step up from the manic eyed performance of Mel Gibson in the previous films. His dry sense of humour evident from his dialogue delivery, especially in the sequence of him talking about hope ('Hope is a mistake, if you can't fix what's broken, you will go insane') adds to the overall experience of the film. Charlize Theron, who manages to look stunning, despite being shown with a missing limb and covered in tatters, does an equally brilliant job of portraying her character Imperator Furiosa. All in all, MAD MAX: FURY ROAD rests on both Hardy and Theron's strong shoulders.

On the whole, MAD MAX: FURY ROAD is worth a watch if you are a fan of the series and if you enjoy watching action films on the big screen.

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