M. A. Pass Movie


M. A. Pass is the story of two sisters. Isha is the elder sister while Nisha is the younger one. Isha gets married to Aditya, but Nisha is attracted to him and tries to seduce him. However, Aditya shuns her aside. Ultimately one day Nisha and Aditya makeout but are...

Nisha then runs away from their home and takes admission in a college to study M.A. Vikram, studying in the same college loves Nisha but she spurns him away saying that she loved another man whom her sister had snatched away. Vikram sympathises with her and treats her as a nice friend. All along, Isha and Aditya are in search of Nisha.

One day, Nisha telephones Isha and asks her to meet her. Once Isha reaches the appointed place, Nisha kills her. But before committing the crime, Nisha has had a plastic surgeon change her face to resemble Isha’s. After killing Isha, Nisha goes to Aditya, posing as his wife. What happens thereafter forms the rest of the film.

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