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Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi Music Review



There aren't any expectations whatsoever from the music of Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi. With hardly any promotion to boast, the film not quite boasting of musical genre and no known names involved, one expects only the subject matter to be the driving factor here. However since that doesn't seem to be enticing either, one just hopes that there is a surprise or two in store in this album which has music and lyrics by newcomer Vinay Jaiswal.


Nitin Bali, who existed on the Indi-pop scene over a decade ago, is brought on the Bollywood scene with 'Deboshree'. This one too follows a non-filmy approach and to be honest, turns out to be a reasonably fair outing. Though in the first couple of listening one assumes that it is a spoof outing, the song does end up staying in your mind after being played a few times. A slow moving track which brings to fore the pathos of the lead protagonist who has been jilted in love, it goes well from the situational appeal perspective.

Next to arrive is the rock outing which is also the film's title song 'Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi'. One expects something really 'rocking' with this one. However after the initial beats that do arrest your attention for a while, the song moves into the mediocrity zone and stays there right through its five minutes duration. Moreover, it is hardly funny or entertaining to hear lyrics like 'Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi' being a part of a song here. Okay, so the makers may argue that if 'D.K. Bose' can work, even this can't. However that was a full-on package deal while this Suraj Jagan sung number isn't.

Thankfully Suraj's next outing, a mellow one at that, does catch your attention in the first few seconds itself. Since the pace is slow here, the sound subtle and a promise is made to bring on a soothing outing, one carefully listens to 'Galiyan'. A song about the protagonist being lost and trying to find his own self and wondering what life has to offer to him, 'Galiyan' is actually the better of the lot from what has been offered so far. Hear this one irrespective of its fitment in Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi and it won't disappoint if you like hearing non-film albums.

What you definitely want to skip though is ironically a track which has been pitched as a highlight number in the album. Daler Mehndi is the chosen one for 'Haryane Ka Sher' which, despite being promoted as Daler's first ever Haryanvi song, has absolutely no Haryanvi element in it. Instead it is an out and out Hindi track with some English words interspersed as well. The pacing is hardly effective while the overall structuring and presentation doesn't make you hit the dance floor even in the 'remix version'. In the middle of this all there is Manu Rishi being heard narrating his sob story too.

Vinay brings himself behind the mike for 'Saja E Maut' which doesn't work from the word 'go' and turns out to be a highly wannabe track that neither works at a composition nor singing level. Seems like Vinay knew this as well and hence the song's duration is kept at a mere 59 seconds. Meanwhile Suraj gets his third song in the album with 'Zindagi' following next. Almost an unplugged version, this one too is barely a minute long track and fails to catch your attention despite its minimal length.

The album concludes with a couple of instrumental tracks, 'Mumbai Life Line' and 'Character Theme'. With their combined duration being less than two and a half minutes, they seem to be mere add-ons in the album and hardly add any value to the album.


The music of Life Ki Toh Lagi Gayi works in only bits and pieces but since there has been hardly any awareness about the songs, they would go completely unnoticed.


Galiyan, Deboshree

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