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Lage Raho Munnabhai


It's a curse in the film industry that when a sequel releases (usually with a lot of hype) it ends up bombing and lacking the entertainment of the first installment. 2006 is the wake up call for sequels in Bollywood (which happen to be SUPERHIT), unlike the previous sequels which had bombed. Many agreed that the recently released blockbuster KRRISH was better the prequal...yet many miss the family touch in KOI MIL GAYA. But there's no doubt LAGE RAHO MUNNA BHAI is a sequel (new episode) that breaks the curse.

So, were the experienced writers and crew able to bring back the 'yari' and 'masti' of Munna and Circuit? Is it possible that a movie like MUNNA BHAI MBBS be created again? Well the answer is.... YES! AND YES!

All we could tell our gifted Munna Bhai crew is....LAGE RAHO WITH MUNNA BHAI!!! WE WANT MORE!!!

To start with, MUNNA BHAI MBBS was a laugh-a-thon never seen before...as it also gave a message about laughter. This year is full of loud, yet appreciated comedies (PHIR HERA PHERI, GOLMAAL). But LRMB is just like the previous episode, full of laughter, emotion, and now...a stronger message... BAPPU!!!

Yes, LRMB revolves around our gunda bhai meeting the father of our nation...Gandhiji!

Well here's how the story goes:

In this perfect world of a simple life sans any tension or 'lafda', dear Munnabhai encounters a trouble. A trouble that goes by the name of love! And the girl with whom he is besotted is someone whom he has never seen! She is 'Jhanvi' [Vidya Balan], a RJ who appears in her daily radio show!

Everything about Jhanvi's voice makes Munna freeze and listen to her voice for hours at stretch. Whether it's her opening greeting of 'Good Morning Mumbai' or the rest of the words that flow from her, Munna loves just about everything about her. And now he wants to marry her!

In a world of complexities, even this turned out to be quite a simple exercise for him. Except for the fact that as per Jhanvi's knowledge Munnai is not a 'bhai' but a professor. And the subject too is simply matchless!


From the present day 'bhaigiri' to the days in the past of 'history', it's quite a journey for Munna! Well, this is not enough as truly convinced about Munna's credentials, Jhanvi now has a task set for him i.e. to deliver a history lecture to her entire family (old people in a old age home)

Munna is in a soup but as always there is Circuit to get the things back in order. He comes up with a plan that was designed to sort out Munna's simple problem centered on love! Little did Munna and Circuit know that the outcome of this plan would change the lives of everyone forever? This is because something unexpected happens!

PRESENT meets the PAST!
From HISTORY, a historical figure stands right in front of Munna in the PRESENT!

It's time for Munna to come face to face with none other than GANDHIji. How did that happen? And what would the outcome from hereon?
What happens when a 'bhai' meets a 'reformer'? Will the sparks fly? Or will the combination of the two make things happen differently? Or create something new?

This includes Lucky Singh [Boman Irani] once again as Munna's rival, Victor [Jimmy Shergill], and Dia Mirza.

Well I don't want to spoil the fun, but trust me, EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS MOVIE MAKES SENSE, including the cleverly thought out scene of Munna meeting Gandhi :)

Hats of to Raj Kumar Hirani and Vidhu Vinod Chopra for recreating the Munna and Circuit duo with everything we have seen in MUNNA BHAI MMBS and even more. Best part is that it is completely original. Earlier, RANG DE BASANTI had tried giving a message of improving our government and society by refering to Bhagat Singh. This was a bad attempt, unlike LRMB which will 100% remind people of Bappu and remember him in their hearts. The message was clear and simply done...Very effective.The script of LRMB is perfect except for some moments where Circuit is missing and the storyline is concentrated on the love story, which is as entertaining and funny.

Positive Points:

* The sequence with Circuit and Lucky in the beginning.
* The sequence with Circuit and Munna discussing about Bappu, very funny.
* Munna trying to win the contest on Jhanvi's show,
* When Munna meets Jhanvi.
* Munna and the whole city following the steps of Gandhi aka Ganghi-giri.
* Every other mini comedy scene which includes Lucky Singh getting well soon...(can only understand after seeing the movie)
* The sets of the song 'Samjho Ho Hi Gaya'

Negative Points:

* Old age home(called 2nd Innings) a big point of the story, may be unattractive for some spoiled teenagers(trust me...I've seen the public opinion), like the film SHARARAT.
* no...No....NO Jaadoo ki jhappi :(
* One or two scenes which were over dramatic (not funny), but that's okay...we'll prefer that anytime unlike Karan Johar's drama.

The songs are a highpoint in the movie because they are good, they don't slow the movie down and they are very short. The most fun songs to watch and here are 'Lage Raho' and 'Samjho Ho Hi Gaya'. ' Aane Char Aane' is a fun filled song sung by the new comer from Indian Idol 2. 'Pal Pal Har Pal' reminds you of 'Chan Chan' with Gracy Singh. But the most catchy song, also used as background is the 'Bande Mein Tha Dum........vande Matram', which hold the best lyrics.

The direction is fabulous, as well as everything else behind the camera.

Now for the acting, Arshad Warsi has improved a lot and showed more of Circuit in this feature. There were a few moments in the beginning where Warsi was stealing the show and the best lines from Sanju Baba. This shows that nobody else could perform Circuit's acting better than Arshad himself. Vidya Balan is beautiful in her different look from PARINEETA. Boman Irani is astounding as the loud punjabi builder. He had recently been doing awful comedy (PYARE NOHAN), but he has returned back from where he was first found. Dia Mirza comes late in a descent role. Ditto for Jimmy Shergill in a shorter role than the prequel. The unnoticed, Dilip Prabhawalker, is definately going to be the new talk of the town as he had an astounding performance as Ghandi. 'But I didn't know Ghandi looked that dark skinned'. And the special appearance of Abhishek Bachchan only enhances the look of the film.

Yet again, it is Sanjay Dutt who steals the show and definitely he is the best actor for Munna's role. Dutt looks very aged in the movie, but he is only getting better. He is astounding from the beginning to the end with his loving and cute role. Hopefully, no one steals his best actor award this year, which he equally deserved in MBBS.

Hence, LAGE RAHO MUNNA BHAI is the best sequel ever made, since it's very difficult to decide which one is better out of the two. If the same crew continues to make the MUNNA BHAI series, easily nobody can get bored of Bollywood's most memorable characters from today, Munna and Circuit! SO, LAGE RAHO!!!

****- MAX!!! MUST WATCH!!!

Review By: KZ Musafir

My review can't explain everything...it's impossible. That's why it must be seen. Totally Recommended!