5 Excellent

Lage Raho Munnabhai

Arrey MAMU kya haal hain????? Arrey koi tension ho to apun ko batane ka……..are you are wondering whats wrong with my dialect???????Ya, you guessed it right …….thats the after effect of apun ka bhai----“MUNNA BHAI”.

This year indeed saw the rise of many sequels be it the laugh riot PHIR HERA PHERI or the super hero KRRISH but none of them could surprass their predecessor’s popularity.But nonetheless they were huge blockbuster hits…..So does LAGE RAHO MUNNA BHAI(LRMB) meet the expectations??????Is it more hilarious than the first part???Read on and all questions will be answered……

First and foremost ….. LRMB is a new chapter in the life of Munna and Circuit not a continuation of the first one. Most of the thespians of the first part remain in this sequel giving it the much desired nostalgic feeling but they don upon new guises this time round. So you still get to see the rivalry between Boman and Sanju but it no longer remains that of a principal and student .The only new addition to this cast is Dilip Prabhavalker(pardon me if I got the surname wrong) who plays the part of GANDHI.

This time round Munna falls in love with a radio jockey Jhanavi(Vidhya balan)……her “GOOD MORNING MUMBAI” inflection rings bells in his heart .His desire to meet her gets satiated when he wins a quiz regarding BAPU. So now Munna wears a garb of an erudite History Professor and a true GANDHIAN to impress his girl.When researching about Gandhi to give a lecture ,to Jhanavi’s Dado(and his friends), Munna starts feeling the presence of Gandhi around him.Is this plain hallucination( “chemical ka locha” as munna describes it) or has the spirit of Gandhi decided to pay a visit??????Thats for you people to find out……How Munna then transforms his ways of GUNDAGIRI to GANDHIGIRI forms the crux of the film…….the way he counters the virulent remarks of Boman with Gandhi’s help is utterly entertainable.

So is this a movie of zealous preachery ?????Not at all ……. Who says entertainment and gyaan cannot be mixed in the same glass??? With LRMB , Raju Hirani manages to produce a cocktail of the two…….and the drink is indeed repleting……at no point of time would you find the movie sermonizing but yet when you leave the theatre you would have definitely learned a thing or two.

Dialogues are first rate (especially Vidhya’s intro on the “fast life” of GEN X is completely relatable).Cinematography is captivating and is filled with vibrancy.Music by Shantanu (coupled with the meaningful lyrics ) is definitely more melodious than the previous version. The songs are picturised innovatively and act as stepping stones for the script’s flow(and not as a hindrance as normally Bollywood songs do).The soulful ”Bande Ma Tha Dum” continues to haunt you .Screenplay is taut.The story is very different from the otherwise hackneyed plots that are churned out these days.

Vidhya Balan as the chirpy RJ is pulchritudinous. She performs her part with great elegance.Boman Irani as Lucky Singh is simply fantastic .The character fits him to the T.
But the show stealers for the day are undoubtedly SANJU and ARSHAD.Their synergism is the what makes the movie a “CLASS APART”.Their comic timing is impeccable.Arshad’s talent of evoking laughter in the audience by just his movements and expressions(sans dialogue) is remarkable.Sanju baba does look old but his enthusiasm is still sparkling bright.

So overall a fantastic film to watch……..will go on to say that this was indeed better than its predecessor. Mast picture hain MAMU……….have tried real hard to find some blemishes in the movie ,but as you can see I find none. Let me know if there were any flaws that you found.Till then LAGE RAHO MUNNA BHAI……..waiting for many more INNINGS of the MUNNA CIRCUIT DUO.

P.S.------Life is indeed strange..….kabhi khushi toh kabhi gham……..the contrasting nature of life is depicted by the two recent movies I watched.Last week’s AAP KI KHATIR (the worst movie I have watched to date) made me redefine the word “FLOP” and this week’s LRMB(one of the best movie’s I’ve experieced) kept my faith in the fecundity of Indian Cinema.