4.5 Excellent

Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India

Lagaan:once upon a time in india which was released in 2001 is one amongst the best movie in our film industry and for this it was nominated to oscar awards. It was the time when britishers ruled India. At that time they suffered severe drought. Once Aamir came across britishers playing cricket and he challenged the british officer that if he wins they'ld leave that region but if he looses he would pay tax thrice the existing one. it was the greatness of the officers sister that she taught the villagers whom Aamir chose to play cricket.At the same time one amongst his friends ploted against him.Then slowly Elizabeth fell in love with him. Finally the test match between britishers and villagers began. After a tough match Aamir and his team gained victory. when Elizabeth knew about Aamir's love she didnt reveal about hers.As per the challenge britishers left that region and finally it rained after a long time.Its really an excellent movie and worthwatching. Hope you liked it and enjoyed it.