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Kyonkii Main Jhuth Nahi bolta Movie Review

Kyonkii Main Jhuth Nahi bolta Movie Rating

Tighten your seat belts and get ready for a joy ride. David Dhawan's non-stop entertainer KYO KII? MAIN JHUTH NAHIN BOLTA, inspired by director Tom Shadyac's 1997 hit LIAR LIAR, is exciting, entertaining and exhilarating, like most David Dhawan-Govinda films.

Raj Malhotra (Govinda) is a lawyer who dreams of making it big in life. At the court one day, he comes across Tejpal (Anupam Kher) and is impressed by him. At this stage, Pyare Mohan (Satish Kaushik), Raj's friend, enlightens him that Adarsh was working with Tejpal, but he wooed Tejpal's elder daughter and ultimately the two got married. Once married, everything Tejpal owned was taken over by Adarsh.

Inspired by Adarsh's story of rags to riches, Raj also starts planning and plotting in order to achieve his goals. He starts pursuing Tejpal's younger daughter Sonal (Sushmita Sen) and gets married to her. He too eyes Tejpal's enormous wealth, but Sonal is made of different stuff. She doesn't want to stay with her father, but moves bag and baggage to the basti where Raj lives.

In order to accomplish his imaginings, Raj starts working doubly hard, compromising on his principles at every step. He lies all the while and within a span of seven years, achieves all that he had dreamt of.

During this period, Sonal gives birth to a baby boy. However, Sonal is discontented that Raj has changed drastically. He is no longer the innocent and honest person she loved, but has become a liar and a manipulator who can go to any lengths to earn a few bucks.

A rift occurs between Raj and Sonal and she walks out on him. Observing the tension between his parents, the son gets concerned. One day, he spots a falling star and wishes that the father stops lying, so that the parents can get back together. Miraculously, his wish comes true and Raj loses his ability to lie.

Like every David Dhawan film, KYO KII? MAIN JHUTH NAHIN BOLTA abounds in gags and hilarious situations. The story is divided in two parts. The first half focusses on the romance between Govinda and Sushmita and how he manipulates his way into her heart and palace-like home.

But the post-interval portions are an adaptation of LIAR LIAR; it has been Indianised well enough to woo the hoi polloi. It is in this half mainly that logic takes a back seat, while the irrational moments dominate. But one doesn't mind it so long as one is thoroughly entertained.

Like the previous DD-Govinda combos, KYO KII? MAIN JHUTH NAHIN BOLTA has some exhaustively enjoyable moments and the credit for it goes to the two writers of this enterprise ? Younus Sajawal and Imtiaz Patel.

The initial portions when Govinda crosses Sushmita's path in a shopping mall is well penned. The sequence when Sharad Kapoor mocks at Govinda at the interval point is also brilliant. In the second half too, when Govinda confronts the don (Ashish Vidyarthi), when he has lost the ability to lie, is uproarious.

Directorially, DD is in his element this time. He has chosen a script that he is most capable of making and he does full justice to it. The film keeps the viewer entertained throughout, although the pace does drop slightly in the second half.

The film abounds in funny moments and the credit for it goes to DD and his team of writers, who compliment each other beautifully. Besides coming up with a winning script, the dialogues are excellent as well.

Anand Raaj Anand's music is commonplace. The songs gel well with the mood of the film, although the fact cannot be denied that the film does lack a hit number. Yet, 'Ek Ladki Chahiye Khaas-Khaas' and 'Sajan Re Jhooth Mat Bolo' can be handpicked for peppy tunes. K.S. Prakash Rao's cinematography is first-rate.

KYO KII? MAIN JHUTH NAHIN BOLTA wouldn't have been what it is had it not been for Govinda's sterling performance and histrionics. He is simply astounding in the role of a manipulative lover cum lawyer. Govinda and only Govinda could've carried off this role so well.

Sushmita Sen is passable in the first half, but plastic in the second. Rambha is so-so. Satish Kaushik excels yet again. Kiran Kumar, Ashish Vidyarthi, Razzak Khan and Shahbaaz Khan lend adequate support.

On the whole, KYO KII? MAIN JHUTH NAHIN BOLTA is a wholesome family entertainer that is rich in hilarious moments. Govinda's extra-ordinary performance, David Dhawan's expert direction and the witty dialogues make the viewing enjoyable. Though the film has opened to an average response, it may pick up with mouth publicity.

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