2 Average

When you don't have anything except some over the note, A rated jokes which can make your typical gang laugh then this type of movie get conceived. I was not expecting story but yes was expecting to understand the happening alias I couldn't. Screenplay has two main things, first, how to spoof on Bollywood big movies by stuffing A rated and double meaning words and actions. Second lift up some plot of hit movies and mix it up with cackling thinking. I can't laugh on all spoofs except the spoof on Kick, that was crisp but rest are lengthy. I am done with the typical Adult names of characters. There is very fine line between seduction and repulsion. According to me, they have taken repulsion as seduction. First half is very slow and only focus was, how to take actors Thailand and shoot spoofs. Second half rounds around Golmaal and Bol Bachchan plots then some other movie plot. When they get tired about doing all this they introduced one male lead as female. It was irritating. It was meant to make you laugh but I got heavy. That sand swamp scene in climax is unbearable. Nothing in the name of performance and music.