1 Poor

I don't know where to start, but this movie turned out as awful as I expected. Firstly, another profession may suit Tushar Kapoor well, but acting is not his cup of tea (expect when he didn't talk at all in Golmaal). Second, poor acting, poor screenplay and no jokes or real comedy. It was all old jokes and so predictable. I was excited to see Mandana Karimi act because of Bigg Boss Season 9 and oh my god, it was disappointing. They dubbed her voice, a voice the viewers watching her are not used to and it just sounds awful. I would've been much happier to hear Mandana Karimi talk in her broken Hindi than that dubbed voice.

Finally, if you're here to read the review of this movie to decide whether you're going to watch it or no, just don't. You're going to waste your money, time and may lose some IQ points. Terrible.