4 Very Good


Koyla is a great film directed by Rakesh Roshan a genius filmmaker. Rakesh has made Khudgarz, Kishan Kanhaiya, Karan Arjun, Krrish etc. Koyla is not better then any of those films mentioned but is a fabulous film. Shahrukh Khan is excellent in his role and gives a dynamic performance. Madhuri Dixit is wonderful in most of all her films and gives a good performance. Deepshika a unknown actress who stars in this movie as the prostitute is damn sexy. She is sexier then many other Bollywood actresses, i would love to get naughty with her. Amrish Puri is excellent as the villain lots of venom in his role. The guy that plays Amrish's son does a good job as the disturbed mental bad guy. The movie has many nice songs and overall is a out and out entertainer.