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Koi Mere Dil Mein Hai Movie Review

Koi Mere Dil Mein Hai Movie Rating

Interesting ideas don't necessarily translate into interesting films. KOI MERE DIL MEIN HAI suits this statement to the T.

What could've been a light, frothy entertainer runs out of gas as the story unfolds. The goings-on get predictable after a point and an overdose of songs only mars the impact further.

Raj [Priyanshu] is the spoilt son of a Mumbai-based millionaire Vikram Malhotra [Kader Khan]. Raj likes to live life to the fullest. Afraid that her son may be falling into bad company, Raj's mother [Reema] gets him engaged to Simran [Dia Mirza].

Simran, the daughter of a rich N.R.I. [Sadashiv Amrapurkar], studies in Dubai. Simran is naughty by nature and believes in enjoying life and having fun. Simran meets Sameer [Rakesh Bapat], a young singer and musician from Mumbai who has come to Dubai with the troupe to perform at various clubs.

Simran is totally taken by Sameer's charming character and innocence and falls in love with him. Raj, on the other hand, meets Asha [Neha], who gives tuitions to Raj's kid-sister Sonie. Raj is mesmerized by the simplicity and innocence of Asha and feels that she is the right girl for him.

But there's a problem: Sameer and Asha are engaged.

Raj and Simran decide to create a rift between Sameer and Asha, so that it clears the way for Raj and Simran to marry their respective partners. Raj and Simran succeed in their 'mission' and decide never to meet again. But there's a new twist in the tale: Realization dawns upon Raj and Simran that they actually love each other!

After dabbling in the horror genre, the third generation of Ramsays [Deepak Ramsay] ventures into a different territory altogether -- romance. It's not sacrilegious to change lanes, but how one wishes the director and writer Humayun Mirza would've padded the film with attention-grabbing incidents.

KOI MERE DIL MEIN HAI doesn't have a faulty script as such, but it's definitely devoid of moments that would appeal to that young, popcorn-munching moviegoer. It appeals in bits and spurts and that's not enough to hook the youth -- the target audience.

Amongst the few sequences that do register an impact are the comic sequences. However, the heart doesn't go out to any of the four characters, which is so vital for a love story. The climax is also long-drawn and cumbersome.

Director Deepak Ramsay makes a decent debut, but he is letdown by a mediocre script. Music [Nikhil-Vinay] is just okay. The film has songs aplenty, but the one that stands out is 'Dosti Se Aashiqui Hai'. The remaining songs don't really elevate the status of this romantic-musical. Cinematography [Uday Tiwari] is nice; the beauty of Dubai is captured with ?n by the lensman.

KOI MERE DIL MEIN HAI is primarily a film about four people, but Priyanshu and Dia stand out with effective portrayals. Rakesh Bapat and Neha don't get much scope to really register an impact. They are passable nonetheless. Amongst character actors, Kader Khan and Sadashiv Amrapurkar are impactful.

On the whole, KOI MERE DIL MEIN HAI is a routine fare, with nothing exciting to offer. At the box-office, the lack of hype as well as face-value will make it go unnoticed.

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