1.5 Average

Katti Batti

Only thing I want to appreciate is the promo making team, who juiced up all the good stuff in promo that rest remained tasteless and baseless. Surprisingly first creative film making team must have thought about climax then, hurriedly and illogically started journey to find it's beginning but fails badly in it. There is nothing in name of story except pushed emotional climax, which makes you laugh instead of cry. Yes, if they have come up with good scenes then this climax could have been worked a bit but alias what could they have done with black comedy expert main male lead, which can evoke laughter in any emotional scene as it is cake walk for him. Screenplay succeeds completely to create confusing characters, irritating comedy and non relating emotional scenes. Script tries hard to give you the feeling that lead couple should be together but after few minutes you pray that they shouldn't. What is the irony of script!! Film starts with some amateur shooting video but it is most amateurish and long that you get the first bitter taste of remaining dish in few minutes only. How they break characters, in a scene they show a businessman is of tainted character but what was the need of showing him! Yes, he was the father of opponent but then why! Just because you felt the way of showing it very smart. They show taxi's both window half open and then male lead closing it. I didn't get what intelligence was behind it! Boy running behind car of girl, this shot is obsolete in today's cinema. Tortoise emotional angle is just flat, somehow you feel sympathy for tortoise but not for couple. Pre climax sequence of boat chasing in pond is most irritating. Performance wise, one can dare to cast Imran Khan if film has any emotional angle. He is as unbalanced as much he could have been. Kangana Ranaut looks complete reluctant. She is very average with a peculiar hair style. #MithilaParkar as Komal, younger sister is very good. She is completely balanced. Music by Shankar Ehassan Loy have tracks "Lip To Lip De Kissiyan" , Sau Aansu Roye Do Ankhiyan" and " Ishaq Da Rutba", which are good.