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Kaise Kahoon Ke Pyaar Hai Movie Review

Kaise Kahoon Ke Pyaar Hai Movie Rating

Kapleshwar Pictures' KAISE KAHOON KE� PYAAR HAI, directed by Anil Kumaar Sharma, has a storyline that's as old as the hills.

Karan [Amit Hingorani] is a college student by day and thief by night. He is encouraged to lead a dual life by his father [Dharmendra]. During one such occasion, while attempting a robbery, the father is shot dead by an officer [Sunny Deol] and Karan gets arrested in the process.

After Karan is released, he takes an oath that he will never commit theft again. But circumstances force him to take to crime yet again and he finds himself trapped for a murder that he has not committed. Who is the actual culprit?

The story of KAISE KAHOON KE� PYAAR HAI reminds you of the formula-ridden films of the 1980s. There's nothing novel in the film � either in terms of content or execution. The twists and turns in the plot, the characterisation of the lead artistes, almost everything seems old-fashioned.

The intention to showcase the talent of the newcomer [Amit Hingorani] is so overpowering that the remaining artistes are relegated to the background �

Dharmendra's role is too small to register any impact whatsoever.

Sunny Deol too gets a handful of sequences, which is hardly in proportion to his star-status.

Even Johny Lever has been cast in an inconsequential role � in fact, the role could've been essayed by anyone else. Ditto for Shakti Kapoor.

Director Anil Kumaar Sharma has opted for a theme that's completely outdated. In today's age, cinema has progressed rapidly and a lacklustre theme like this has already been forgotten.

Viju Shah's music does have a couple of tuneful tracks, but lack of promotion makes the numbers forgettable. Cinematography is functional. Dialogues are just about okay.

Amit Hingorani radiates sincerity and the boy does a decent job considering his debut film. He is at ease in stunts and dances, but needs to work on emotional and dramatic sequences. Sharbani Mukherji looks pretty and does her part ably.

Both Dharmendra and Sunny Deol are wasted. In fact, Sunny's fans will be disappointed to see the actor in a miniscule role. Farida Jalal is mechanical. Alok Nath is getting typecast. Shakti Kapoor and Johny Lever look disinterested.

On the whole, KAISE KAHOON KE PYAAR HAI is a poor fare. Lack of publicity will further add to its woes.

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