3 Good

Director Mr Sujoy Ghosh work is very good as director and as a writer he ably make you engaged in first half but movie descends in second half miserably. Story is good. In screenplay, emotional angle of child abuse and it's execution is very slow and repetitive. Due to pressure of its previous famous, girl being pushed in front of train they again deliberately kept a taxi accident in same shocking way but same repeat technique loose it's thrill because you know about it. After few minutes of starting, female protagonist daughter has been kidnapped and even till climax you don't know how it had happened which had been established well that someone had called the persons, pretending to be her mother and surprisingly a nurse, and very close neighbor uncle, who regularly converse with that female did not recognize that it was not her voice, how kidnappers did that is not revealed. Even in climax kidnappers motto is so confusing and lame. If you have watched some thriller then you can easily guess in second half that who is helping her and above all they have made is child game by well establishing the soft corner and past of that lady with him. If a person is real well wisher that rather than taking her out from false charges against her, he makes her fugitive for life long!! While using his intelligent and power, by helping her he can easily busted the case and caught the culprits but no, makers thought to offer something new but it was illogical and stale. A hired female killer, who tries to kill a lady by slitting her wrist without tying her because that lead has to overpower her!! In pri climax when male himself has gun and shoots his hired killer then why didn't he himself shot the kidnapped girl and lady!? First half is a bit slow but good, second half is very slow and most of the time illogical, even the kitchen over dramatic blast scene. Performance wise Vidya Balan is very good. Arjun Rampal is impressive after long time. An artist who played Inspector Haldhar is just amazing. Actress, who played wife of sub inspector Indrajit is very natural.