3 Good

Jurassic World (English)

Like it's dinosaur Frankenstein creation, Jurassic World is itself a hybrid of sorts. A bright and vibrant opening that reminds the viewer of the first time they saw the original Jurassic Park, with a voice over by the late Richard Attenborough in introducing the park visitors and the audience of the wonders of the first dinosaur amusement park. Sort of a tribute to what the first movie was about and the realization of it coming true. Then the mayhem begins and the viewer will remember the words of Professor Ian Malcolm from the first sequel "The Lost World": "Oh, yeah. Oooh, ahhh, that's how it always starts. Then later there's running and um, screaming." That's what happens after the slow introduction of the characters and story points of "Jurassic World". What good about this film that it's a slow burn, like the first Jurassic movie, then it kicks like a mule with the scares and adrenalin of "The Lost World" when the park's new attraction starts eating the tourist and it's fellow attractions. While having both Steven Spielberg's original two films as inspiration is a good way to create a Jurassic sequel, it's not original. Don't get me wrong, its very good for what it was and Chris Pratt earns his stripes as a leading man but takes too much from both "Jurassic Park" and "The Lost World" and just regurgitating scenes here and there to be taken seriously as a sequel. Plus it goes into overdrive with the scary,intelligent predator hybrid dinosaur, which comes across more like "Predator" than a Jurassic Park movie. This dinosaur hybrid kills for sport, not hunger or necessary and that pushes the boundaries of what the Jurassic Park series was about. Yes, they are wild animals but this film plays them up as good guys and bad guys then the out of its time species that did not belong into human society. With all of that out of my system, i will admit that i did have a good time watching "Jurassic World" and jumped quite a few times during a few scenes. A few inconsistencies a side, i enjoying it as what it was. While there are obvious links to "Jurassic Park" not to mention the fact that they are back to the original place of the first film, i just did not feel like it was sequel to the Jurassic Park series. More a reboot/remake of the first two movies but it could have been much worse (Jurassic Park 3 anyone?).