4.5 Excellent

Jodhaa Akbar

AKBAR JODHA is a masterpiece. I felt that this epic movie had a very valid and important message to convey. The message of love and unity, tolerance towards fellow kind, humanity and compassion. I have read several review of this movie, before I started writing this one and hence will not indulge in repeating what practically everyone has stated.
Emprors and Empresses of their times did not have an easy life. This movie captures the essence of the politics and troubles of each kingdoms. I admired the simplicity of the two lead characters. A lot must have been prepared before they ventured into their respective characters and it shows in pristine beauty. Both Hirtik and Ashwaiya complimented each other, not just as actors but even as souls. I loved the music both songs and the backscore. The grandure of the cinema was very satifying to view in a cinema, which am sure will be lost when seen at home. This is movie to be enjoyed on a large screen. Each frame and effect has been made with the large screen at mind. The ambiance and colour of the sets are just astounding to view. In 2008 its ironic for us viewers to see how times yonder still struggled with the same petty issues existing today... but love triumphs all and that is the true message I understood. Learn to respect and live with pride. I liked that message and I am proud that this message came from no other country than our MAHAAN HINDUSTAN.