5 Excellent

Jodhaa Akbar

Jodhaa Akbar is a film about a sixteenth century epic romance, between a Raput princess and a Mughal Emperor.
I must honestly admit that i did'nt have high hopes for this movie when i went to the cinema. Seeing that Hrithik had made movies like Kkrish and Dhoom 2, which proved to be a waste of my time(even though im a Big fan of Duggu!).
And even less hope did i have for Aishwarya as i have always seen her as a beauty but not an actress.
But friends i was proven very very wrong! This movie is one of the best indian movies i have ever seen.. It has it all, Love, Drama, Tears, Laughter, Brilliant battle scenes, Comedy and again the sweetest love story i have seen/felt since Kuch kuch hota hai or K3G.
Brilliant movie, which i would advice all to watch, and definitly in the cinema! Or else you miss a lot of the karisma the movie has. This is not like any film the youth has seen, is so original.