4 Very Good

I went to see the movie with my friends. Never in my dream, I thought that this movie is about relationship, responsibility and romance.nnJazz is a happy independent person who is in his late 40s. Tia a sweet 21-year-old girl whose mother is a hippie. Yes, you heard me right, Taboo played the role of a hippie mother. Tia came all the way to London to discover whether Jazz is his father. They go for a DNA test. And guess what, they are actually family. There are daughter, sons, father-mother, grand father-mother, great grand father-mother.nnThis film could be seen with family. I am in my early 30s and could directly relate to the content of the movie. My respect for Pooja Entertainment has increased. This is the kind of content you would like production houses to come with.nnHigh respect to the director and editor for put up things in a proper manner. I rate 10 on 10.