1.5 Average

I Hate Luv Storys

I am really surprised that this film is considered fresh and youthful. There was nothing fresh or youthful about it in terms of subject matter, content, direction or the performances. The lead characters AND the actors playing them afre very unlikable and unrelatable. There was a wafer thin plot that was reminicent of every other love story made in the past 20 years.

The director uses voiceover to try to give the audience some entrance into the characters' motivations but all it did was state the obvious and make the characters sound insipid. There should have been at least 30 minutes that should have been cut because there wasn't enough plot to warrant the running time. The music was average and the costume design was pretty mediocre. The graphic t-shirts that everyone wore were horrible! I understand that they were a fun plot device in Wake Up, Sid but in this movie they were distracting and ugly.

The actors and their characters were very unlikable and hard to care about and empathize with. Both Imran and Sonam have a real problem connecting and they come off both false and aloof, which is never good for any actors but especially not good for Bollywood actors. Imran was better of the two but he doesn't possess the charm I think is needed for any good bollywood hero and he is not good at selling the emotion of a song. It came off very sterile. Sonam is just not good I'm afraid. She doesn't possess the vulnerability or likability in her acting to make you feel anything for her, which is sad because she is really pretty.

Overall this film was really disappointing and not fresh at all. Even if it was supposed to be a rehash of other love stories, it needed to be done much, much better.