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Hum Pyar Tumhi Se Kar Baithe Movie Review

Hum Pyar Tumhi Se Kar Baithe Movie Rating

Rajshri's HUM PYAR TUMHI SE KAR BAITHE, directed by Mohan Singh Rathore, is a love story that follows the predictable path.

Sachin Khedekar lives with his wife Navni Parihar and son. Sachin is well settled in his business, but for one of his business partners, who is a scheming man. Navni keeps cautioning Khedekar about the latter, but he does not heed her advice. She decides to walk out on her husband.

However, a pickpocket robs Navni of her purse and flees with it, but meets with a train accident soon after. The purse is later found on the tracks and Khedekar gets the impression that his wife and son have died in an accident.

Meanwhile, Khedekar's partners try to kill him when he refuses to work with them. But his close friend becomes the victim and Khedekar decides to look after his friend's daughter. Years later, Khedekar's son grows up and works as an honest tourist guide (Jugal Hansraj), who falls in love with the girl his father has brought up (Tina Raana).

To state that the story is ancient and has been attempted for the umpteenth time would not be wrong. Besides an outdated plot, the storytelling is equally lackluster. Clearly, originality and freshness are missing in the enterprise.

Mohan Singh Rathore, who has scripted the film as well, has left too many questions unanswered. Besides, the screenplay is interspersed with too many songs, which keep coming at regular intervals, without any situation to justify them. Even the romantic track is far from convincing.

Directorially, the film fails to engross one's attention. Raamlaxman's music is not a patch on Rajshri's earlier films. Cinematography is functional.

Jugal Hansraj tries hard to act, but fails. Tina Raana is plain average. Sachin Khedekar is alright. Navni Parihar leaves a mark.

On the whole, HUM PYAR TUMHI SE KAR BAITHE falls short of expectations. Below average.

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