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Hey Bro

Music: Nitz'N'Sony
Lyrics: Pranav Vatsa
Music Label: T-Series


We hope for some catchy music, as the film is made by a trendy yet experienced choreographer.


The maddest song on the track is the convoluted 'Hu Tu Tu', sung by Sonu Nigam and Sivamani. Full of gimmicks - both instrumental and vocal - the song reminds us of 'Psycho Re', the crazy track from ABCD, a film in which Ganesh Acharya, this film's director, had a major acting role. Pranav Vatsa's lyrics are crazy and loopy enough for us to know that this is a big-time situational number, even if it is a possible end-credits video.

Sunidhi Chauhan-Ali Zafar sing the lead track, 'DJ', written fairly engagingly by Pranav Vatsa. While Ali is okay, Sunidhi sings brilliantly and this catchy hook, 'Mera gaana bajaa de DJ DJ DJ' is a smart hook - cute yet infectious. The music could have been less noisy though.

The composers achieve a kind of feat by getting Anu Malik and Himesh Reshammiya to actually sing here. Himesh-Shreya get into dance mode in 'Bulbul' with a mukhda ripped off intentionally from Laxmikant-Pyarelal's Roti hit, 'Naach Meri Bulbul'.

We liked the way the desi music with heavy percussion merge with the rock guitar strums. Shreya is frothy, different, and Himesh shows all the attitude the song requires. The mukhda is a nice, tapori twist to Anand Bakshi's words and the orchestration has the pace, energy and rhythmic style of L-P's folk-based popular hits.

'Birju' (Udit Narayan, Mika Singh, Arya, Naezy) and 'Line Lagaa' (Anu Malik-Mika Singh) are interesting fun tracks with some spirited singing and hatela…oops!... we mean different lyrics in Bambaiya Hindi. The meanings are refreshing clear, and in the latter case, cute. 'Birju' has Udit Narayan's single sentences stealing the show, while the rap section dominates and is very well penned by the lyricist. The situation is clearly pivoting around a greedy moneylender.

It is in the latter song that we encounter Anu Malik vocalizing his portion with interestingly expressive touches. The droning feel of the song adds to its appeal.


To match the phraseology of most of the tracks, this is a 'fultu timepass' score. But don't expect more. Farah Khan and Remo D'Souza fans, please excuse.

Our Pick:

'DJ', 'Hu Tu Tu', 'Line Laga'