1 Poor


If one wants to make a film in any science based invention than he has to do lots of research work and if he won't be able to find much stuff to convert it in film but still wants to make others aware about this fact then there are lots of other mediums, like short film, documentary, handbills, news article except film. Lack of research work is major drawback of this film. First they tried to compensate it with a love track which is also very boring. Love track worsens it further and applies break on already slow movie. There is nothing in the name of story, screenplay, just an information. Dialogues are impressive. What was the inspiration or idea behind making a plane is not there except that an Indian wanted to make it. Execution and obstacles both looks very unreal and childish. Somehow after watching this movie you start doubting that is it fact or fiction as they have presented it in film. Person is genius to think about making a Airplane but not even think a bit about how to control it or land it, trying comes after. Safety measures would have worked or not its another thing but not even thinking about it is not digestible. Premise is Maharashtra but you cant find it neither in language nor in set designs, only speaking few Marathi words do not justify it. Costumes are so bad that the jail dress looks like as night suit. Background score gives feeling that it is not proud of India but dedicated to a particular religion but suddenly took a U turn and started giving feeling of another religion then a tasteless combination of both. Cinematography is good but it is obsessed with pigeon, candle and focus shifting. Performance wise Ayushmann Khurana looks as if he is smiling in sad scenes. Even fantastic actor Mithun Da looks very average, Director has to be blamed for this. Nothing to say about others. Child actor Naman Jain as lead male actor nephew is very good. Music is good as an independent album but does not fit in the film.