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If you watch the film with a feeling that you will be transported into the world of invention of the first ever man made desi flight, then, take our word for it that, you will be sorely disappointed, because the film actually is an extravagant 'costume musical'. The film barely touches upon anything that's got to do with the story pertaining to the first man made Indian flight and is far away from reality. It is instead loaded with melodrama. At the end of the film, one really feels sorry for the film's producer because the over-expense was just not needed! On the whole, HAWAIZAADA is all gloss no substance. Skip it.

Well, for starters the entire plot which clearly seemed to have lost its focus from being Hawaizaada to becoming 'Ishaqzaada'. Having said that, out of the 153 minute long movie, it will be difficult to subtract the amount of time wasted on songs which keep popping up every now and then.

Hawaizaada is an ambitious attempt to chronicle the life of the maverick Indian scientist Shivkar Talpade who claims to have invented an airplane before the Wright Brothers. The film oscillates between showcasing Talpade's blinding love and his mad ingenuity. What's also jarring are the elaborate sets that have been constructed to transport us to the 19th century era. All of this makes it difficult to take Hawaizaada seriously as a liberally-altered biopic. The premise was promising, but the film never soars dramatically.