0.5 Poor


guru guru guru....I was really excited abt this film for 2 reasons... one cause it is a mani ratnam movie & two it was based on dhirubhai's life...as the movie rolls I was taken aback from the first scene where abhishek is talking to no one standing on the stage n there is rehman's voice singing that line 'jage hai daare...' that was brilliant but as the film starts to wind up in the next two reels when we see jr. bachchan grow up and act all cocky I cant stop and think it is such a miscast... this kind of story requires some one on the caliber of Sanjeev Kumar, but sadly he is dead n we have to settle for abhishek(are u serious)...while his best ever work came from mani's last Yuva...this time around he disappoints so much... i couldn’t sit there n just admire the cinematography which on the contrary was world-class... back to the movie it bores, drags, torture the cine-goer… I was not at all surprised that your reviewer “Taran-who-ever’ gave this movie 4 god damn stars…n calls this mani’s best effort ever are u putting this above ROJA & BOMBAY & DIL SE… get your records straight… and also have the people submitting their reviews too are too smitten with the lead pair and by the looks of it don’t know anything about movies over-all….