4 Very Good


The movie by director Mani Ratnam is always special. GURU too is not an exception to that. In every department like Acting, Direction, Music, Photography the movie is absolutely perfect.
The movie is basically a story of a businessman Gurukant Desai, where one can easily understand that, “BUSINESSMAN ARE BORN & NOT MADE”, the way GURU is sharp in his IQ, which he don’t want to use neither in study nor in job for any one else, but wants to use it only for himself in his BUSINESS.
Yes, the story resembles almost 90% with Dhirubhai Ambani including less education, daring to do anything & also other incidences like Company Enquiry, Paralysis, etc.
In this movie, the director has not concentrated on any technical aspects of Business Development like New Client Development or retention of old clients but instead has concentrated only on ATTITUDE a businessman should have.
Acting wise, Abhishek has performed very accurate, nothing less & nothing extra. Such roles are dream roll of any actor, to which Abhishek has given complete justice. His pair with Aishwarya also looks perfect in this movie for the first time, because this movie is not a Love- Triangle or Quadrangle & Aishwarya is purely of Abhishek. (In real life also now…)
The qualities of GURU that I would like to implement are: -
1) Confidence on your ability: -
Example: - His way of putting forward the marriage proposal to Aishwarya’s father.
2) Daring to do anything: -
Example: - Taking all stock of clothes to contractor’s house.
3) Positive Attitude: - Not able to hear ‘NO’.
Example: - When contractor comes to convince him to stop his business.
4) Commitment towards business: -
Example: - 1) Doesn’t minds at all even if his Brother-n-law lefts him in mid way.
2) Gets married with a girl who 1 year elder to him just to start the business.
5) Leadership Skills: -
Example: - The way he handles 25 lacs of people working in his company.
6) Fighting spirit & No fear of failure: -
Example: - His ‘Cold War’ against Mithun & R.Madhavan.

So, the rocking performance of Bollywood continues in 2007 also, at least the Opening is worth appreciation.