5 Excellent


OSCARS 2008 - GURU. One of the biggest powerful movie in Indian film industry. Abhishek is excellent in a gujju role but aishwarya does not fit into a gujju girl character. she acted well but just not fit in. Mani might have looked for a pure gujju (new face) girl opposite abhishek but any way, this movie is all about abhishek and ambanis. Super Duper Bumper HIT. Vidya baalan's character does not need to be in a movie but i guess to add some emotions and to make it look like a commercial movie, Mani Ratnam added Mallika and Vidya. Mayya Mayaa is simply superb. Music of "barso re" is too good. This movie must have been freed from TAX across the country and at least in Gujarat. It shows how Gujarati's are well known for their business mind, risk takers and geniuses. We, Gujju Rocks. Thanks Abhishek for making us pround on your performance. All the best for a career and marriage.