4.5 Excellent


If Amitabh has “Deewar” & “Black” to prove his undoubted caliber then
Abhishek comes up with “Guru” proving that he is truly capable of carrying
the “Bachhan” torch much more higher. Impressively the finest performance
by junior Bachhan after “Yuva”. He gives you goose bumps and surprises as
you go on watching the masterpiece by Mani Ratnam – GURU. As expected
Mani Ratnam once again not only proves his mastery over the medium but
also surpasses his earlier ventures. Clearly among his top five movies.

Performances : Abhishek tops in this field & sets the parameter high. IInd best
performance comes from the veteran Mithun Chakraborthy who is just perfectly
cast. Aishwarya gives a subtle impressive act as the better half of Guru Bhai.
Madhavan & Vidya Balan play there parts well as they have underwritten roles.
Manoj Joshi is also noticeable as Guru’s friend from his early days.

Direction : Mani Ratnam gives another masterpiece to Hindi Cinema. GURU is
clearly the film among the best movies made in the Hindi Film Industry.
No doubt the film is at par with Nayakan & Roja. And the worth mentioning
part is the casting thought by Mani. It really needs a strong imagination and
confidence thinking Abhishek as Guru Bhai and after seeing the movie you are
forced to think that no other person in the industry could do better than him.
He is just superb in the movie and the kudos all go to Mani Ratnam for this.
Story-Screenplay : A tight screenplay of a bio pic (inspired from Dhiru Bhai
Ambani’s life) is indeed a very difficult task. But screenplay is such that you
want more of it in the end. Very rarely the Ist & IInd half of a film is equally
entertaining and only a perfect screenplay can deliver that. Only the court
room speech of Guru could be more punchy.
Best Scenes : 1. Guru Bhai setting his marriage with his father in law.
2. Guru meeting Mithun Da. 3. Hospital sequence after the suicide attempt by
Guru’s associate & friend. 4. Last court room drama is engrossing.

Music : A. R. Rahman comes up with some finest tunes. “Tere Bin” & “Jaage
Hain Der Tak” are clearly the best among all. The background music and the
songs moving into the scenes are just perfectly blended. Good choice of
Bappi Lahiri’s voice in “Ek Lo Ek Muft” song

Drawbacks : The only drawback is that the film could do without 1 or 2 songs.
Otherwise the film is just perfect & its difficult to find the weak points.

Verdict : Undoubtedly among the Best Movies from Indian Film Industry.
Go watch it even if you have to take a holiday from your work.