3 Good

My Ratings:
If you are oldage 2/10 (DONT WATCH THE MOVIE AT ALL)
If you are Youngster 6/10 (Go Go Go Its much better than Spidey Worth Watching 1time)
Well Well Well Thursday Night and another Movie Premier but hey its not from just another banner its from Mukta Arts the legendary banner of Mr. Ghai.

The movie is full of DHAMAAL and routine college MASTI.The Music is more or less same but its good.

The story starts with the Kissing King Emraan Hashmi (Raju Malhotra) who is BAD BOY and Tusshar Kapoor (Rajan Malhotra) the Good Boy.Raju falls in love with Rashmi (Isha Sharwani) who is a good student and vice a versa Dinky (Tanushree) gets crush on Tusshar.LOL. In the story the applied Newtons Law Every action has opposite reaction (i guess).The movie is shot in Mumbai only most of the areas are from Hiranandanis,Powai. But I really like to say one thing Cameraman was not upto the mark. Sometimes I felt he was lost and searching the view.

Now,moving ahead due to Emraans mischief her sis's (Madhura) gets the punishment.
Moreover truly imagined part happens when the Peon makes mistak.The things starts changing from here their job starts here GOOD BOY becomes BAD and BAD BOY he he....

Newbie Isha have done very GOOD JOB but gosh i can say same with Tanu. I say she completely fails duh!! Tanu you need a good fashion designer wearing short clothes wont make you GOOD Actress we got Rakhi Sawant for that Job. I agree with the fact you play modern girl's role in the movie but better you gotta have looked your STRETCH MARKS yeah you look ugly in short clothes bcuz of STRETCH marks.

Isha you got ma VOTE for the movie damn sure.
Yeah,How can I forget my CLASSMATE!!!. (College)
Madhura!! ye ye she is the girl.She proved it in her 1st appearence that she is dedicated and determined to her passion. She plays Emraan's Sis role in the movie. Not very much has come in her part but ye she do got Cameraman's EYE. Best of Luck Sweety !!
Welcome to the Bollywood.

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