Godzilla Vs Kong (English) Movie


GODZILLA VS. KONG is the story of the gigantic clash of two titans. It is a usual day at the Pensacola, Florida complex of Apex Cybernetics. Suddenly, Godzilla attacks the company facility without any provocation and causes massive destruction. Till now, Godzilla was seen as the saviour of the humanity...

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Box Office: Godzilla vs Kong leads, Saina struggles, Mumbai Saga and Roohi updates

Godzilla vs Kong was the only film that managed to find audiences, albeit in south primarily, and…
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Box Office: Godzilla vs Kong brings in numbers again, Mumbai Saga first week and Roohi two weeks updates

It was time for Godzilla vs Kong to dominate, and that too from a distance, as Rs. 5.40 crores more…
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Godzilla vs Kong Box Office: Alexander Skarsgard and Millie Bobby Brown starrer collects Rs. 6.4 cr on Day 1

This is one roar that one couldn’t really hear from a distance. However, it shook the box office,…
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Godzilla Vs Kong (English)

First Look Of Godzilla Vs Kong (English)
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