3 Good

I don't have much expectation from this movie as it sounds like a low budget movie in trailer but its different, yes really very different specially Sunny Deol is the one who made this different from other bollywood action craps, Real He Man is here, saw a comment that some member said why Hindi, Hindi is mother language of this country and if south people are free to use their regional language than Bolly people too, so don't shout if you don't like. If its a Khan movie than biased media people make it a hit though its a useless like Dilwale. But this movie is different and the action was awesome never seen such kind of Action in any other Bolly movie till date. Sunny Deol is loud but that's what he known for, don't watch it if u wanna see a slim trim guy punching body builders. Watch it for Sunny Deol and ACtion rest all supporting cast and songs are not that too good. Want too see a calm Suny Deol in action go watch 'Right ya Wrong'.