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Gandhi To Hitler Music Review



When it comes to the soundtrack of the film, one doesn't expect anything whatsoever from Gandhi To Hitler which has seen minimal promotion coming it's way. Though there is a new composing (Arbind- Lyton) and writing (Dr. Pallavi Mishra) team at the helm of affairs, Gandhi To Hitler doesn't quite make one get excited to check out what's in store here.


What stays constant throughout the album is a voiceover by Ranjan Arneja which is as old fashioned as Doordarshan where a similar voice introduced every episode of Mahabharata. Nevertheless the songs that follow aren't exciting either with Jagjit Singh getting his characteristic sad mood in place with 'Har Ore Tabaahi Ka Manzar' that
details the after effects of war that leave thousands dead. A depressing way to start the album, it also comes again towards the end, this time with newcomer Shoureen coming behind the mike.

On the same lines as 'Kadam Kadam Badhaaye Ja' comes 'Ye Jazba Hamara Hai Aazadi Ka' which sees guest composer Sanjoy Chowdhury pitching in. Rendered by Shaan who is in fact a strange choice for a song like this, 'Ye Jazba... ' is the kind of track which is associated with the march of the soldiers. Reminding of the kind of music that was composed in the 50s, 'Ye Jazba…' doesn't invoke any 'jazba' whatsoever.

Peculiar choice of singers continues with Penaz Masani going solo with devotional track 'Vaishnav Jan Toh Tene Kahiye'. Better of the lot when compared to the earlier two tracks, it still manages to create a soothing atmosphere. Still, at the end of it all, it has a very restricted audience for itself who would really be interested in stepping into this zone. Ditto for Dr. Bhupen Hazarika's version of the same song that arrives a while later.

A 'holi' track comes next which despite the presence of Daler Mehndi doesn't make you all excited to step into a celebration mood. There is a patriotic flavour added to the song as well with the lyrics going as 'Hara Shwet Kesaria', the three colours in the Indian flag. However despite the right intentions here by the musical team to create a euphoric mood, the effort doesn't lead to any fantabulous results. Priya Bhattacharya and Rana Mazumdar join Daler in an attempt to get a feel similar to that of Manoj Kumar's Kranti but the tune here doesn't quite go the whole hog. However once Daler goes solo with the
'Dhol Mix' version, the results are far more satisfactory.

Last to arrive is the rock version of 'Vande Mataram', which other than the two key words, is an entirely different composition. Guest composers Aman-Bensen come up with this version that has both of them coming together behind the mike along with with Vasundhara V. Though it starts off well and promises a concert like outing, the mood fluctuates from being exciting to routine.


A few years back there was a film called 'Bose - The Forgotten Hero'
which was set in World War. Despite A.R. Rahman being at the helm of
affairs the soundtrack boasting of some good news, it is in fact one of
the least remembered scores by the Oscar winner composer. Well, the
kind of songs that one gets to hear in 'Gandhi To Hitler', it's fate
can't be expected to be any better.


Hara Shwet Kesaria (Dhol Mix)

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