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Yes, the only reason I saw this film is because I still have a crush on Vivaah. I still remember how a lot of my friends and family liked the film because it was so grounded and showed values that still inspire relationships. A lot of my friends, me included, thought that how nice it would be to get a girl like Amitra Rao, but wondered if any even existed in the cities today?! Coming to Rajshri’s Vivaah sequel Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi (EVAB), looks like the production house did a market research and found that a majority of the audience are sick of what is being churned out every Friday and want a simple and basic love story with sentiment, values, and tradition. Absolutely fine till there, but EVAB is nothing but non-stop songs and tries tooo hard to be traditional and ends up falling flat on it’s face.

Prem (this time Rajshri’s Prem is the handsome hunk Sonu Sood) and Isha Kopikaar (I can’t beleive i’ve forgotten her screen name!) love singing and get selected for a singing competition. They fall in love and on the day of engagement Isha’s father (our very own Alok Nath and you are bound to laugh when you see him repeat the same act) dies leaving Isha and her two little siblings. This is till the interval and these two lines of story goes on for more than an hour with non-stop songs, which are thankfully fine. Ok, nothing wrong with that, but the love story is neither exciting or entertaining. Isha then decides that she is going to raise her siblings, get them settled, and then marry because her mom-in-law (in good spirit and love) says that she wants her daughter-in-law to be completely devoted to her son. Our Prem boy decides to wait till the end of time. The siblings grow, graduate, jobs, the boy gets married, has a kid, his rich wife dislikes the rural setting and makes him leave home etc. One obstacle after another and finally after all is ending well, Prem and Isha get married. Yes, there are no signs of ageing whatsoever in the two even though easily a decade has passed except that Isha develops migrane because of the stress (no marriage + all family responsibilities etc). It is not clear what exactly Isha does to earn to raise these kids. By the end of it, you’re glad all got married so you can go home.

The story has no logic and makes no sense. There is absolutely no problem to show traditions or a love story in the back drop of deep rooted values about family and relationships, but it has to have a good story. Prasads was only half full today and some of the audience could be heard saying “bull shit theory”, “my foot”, and so on. The first half is completely useless and the second half is like films in the 60’s or 70’s. The pairing of Sonu Sood and Isha Kopikaar is good and the entire film revolves around Isha. How I wish the story was entertaining. Sonu Sood is handsome and beats any leading male actor today in Bollywood. He has the innosence, looks cool, pleasant, sauve and rough. Isha is looking great (better than Priyanka Chopra at least). It is nice to see all the traditions, but it would have worked better had the story made more sense and was entertaining. No doubt, most films today do not even show youngsters in love thinking about family and values and it is nice to see Rajshri sticking to their core values. We definitely need more films that are socially responsible, but let them be entertaining please.

If you are sick and tired of watching the crap that most Bollywood movies today are, you might be tempted to go watch EVAB for a change. Do not attempt it, instead go watch Vivaah on DVD again.