4 Very Good

Ek Paheli Leela

When a movie has the name Sunny Leone in the cast list, expectations of the audiences doesn't go far. Ek Paheli Leela made some space in the promos by its entertaining and really good songs, but still on the expectations it didn't had much fate. But Bobby Khan as a director did a really good job and made Leela a Surprisingly Good Movie. Really Entertaining, I must say. Its a good pace movie with its own thrills, which should be credited to the writers of the movie. They have written a great, interesting, and a twisting climax. Seeing two faces after a long time was great, Mohit Alahwat and Jas Arora after such a long gap. And thumbs-up to Jas Arora for his performance as Bikram Singh, when you have considered to be as chocolate boy in raster years. Sunny has again done a hard working job to improve herself as an actress, and praise her for that. The most beautiful highlight of the movie is the Cinematography and Choreography of the songs. Hats-off to the person who is behind the camera. Specially frames in the desert are really great. The colors and mood has been captured beautifully through out the movie.

In totality its worth the money. And again kudos to Bobby Khan.