2 Average

Double Dhamaal

Double Dhamaal is a big joke on Name of Dhamaal's Sequal. Nothing to watch in Movie, Besides some comedy Punches.

Double Dhamaal is an useless movie and just timw waste entertainer. Their is no script, no story, just time waste with over act by all actors. Only Arshad and Ritesh is winning the race in acting otherwise no one is perfect in act. sanjay dutt is not doing comedy, but while seeing him he looks like comedy.
Kangana & mallika only showing their glamour & nothing. Mallika & Kangana looks good in some scenes.Mallika again proves her sex symbol by 'Jalebi bai'.
Music Department is too dull. Just 2 Songs 'Oye Oye' & 'Jalebi bai' Sounds good to hear & looks good to watch.

Overall, Double Dhamaal is Full Waste of Time. Please watch it in Home or Single Screen, No need to spend money for Plexes. Its an useless Movie which is going one step behind from its Sequal.