3 Good

Once again an album which deserved a better review and rating. The first song "Chal Kudie" is nice and the music is pretty good. The second song "Oye Oye" is the best song of the album. Sunidhi does a great job and yes the best part is the OYE OYE theme. Third song "Jalebi Bai", to me, resembles to Sheila. The music as well as the line "NAAM JALEBI BAI" has similarities with Sheila's line "My Name Is Shela". So the song is just another lame try to cash in on a hit song. The fourth song "Chill Maaro" should have been appreciated. Maybe Joginder dosen't know how to CHILL, hehe. The song sung by Mika is better than what it is made out to be. Do listen to the songs !