0.5 Poor

Don – The Chase Begins Again

Amitabh is 6'3" a star forever, Sharukh is 5'9" at best and in start power too he is pale compared to the mighty Bachchan. The original Don was an out and out entertainer and this one is a worse "Paheli - jise Jaldi Alwida Kehna Chahiye" from the wanna be "King Khan" and as he says that he is the, "only Khan besides Genghis Khan" NOT!

Don in 1978 was a mega Hit
Don 2006 is a DUD - Crap - horrid

Shah Rukh Khan is its biggest draw back. He walks funny thinking in his mind he is walking like he is all that- Not! He is not DON and nor he is Vijay. He is plain and simple BAD in both roles and the lines he delivers are worse. Then the supporting cast is all out of place and running around like chicken without their heads and this disaster of a movie just does not give up till it out matches its stupidity of an existence and it breaks all barriers when it reached Kareena's dance number - sucks! BIG TIME!

If you have $8.00 and 3 hrs extra go to Viks chat corner and Berkeley and get something delicious to eat... You will not regret it or just go to the waterfront and watch the sun set because this DON and KANK mean the sun is fast setting for Mr. Khan