4 Very Good

Don – The Chase Begins Again

Firstly I would like to give the critic who reviewed DON some food for thought. He said there were flaws like if DONS gun was not loaded how did he kill Kareena, how about breaking her neck my clever critic. I bet that never crossed your mind. The movie leaves alot for you to decide. I dont think our critic was that clever.

Now to the movie. I thought it was a very good movie, its was very well shot and executed. What kept me intrested in the movie was the slight changes to the story line,but for someone who has seen the original its quite fresh as your expecting something and you get someting else. The action was very cool, very Hong Kong. I personally liked the songs in the movie. SRK to my surprise pulled the role off very well, I will be honest I did not think he will be able to pull it off but he does in his own way.

Finally the breaker for this movie is the final twist. You really dont see it and therefore its the icing on the cake making sure you leave the theatre with a smile.

Go and watch DON its fresh, if nothing else it will make you want to move to Malaysia.