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Dirty Politics Movie Review

Dirty Politics Movie Rating

Bollywood is a place where, they say that, there are no permanent friendships or no permanent enemies, much like the world of politics and politicians. And when the two meet ('Bollywood' and 'Politics'), the resultant is the K.C.Bokadia directed DIRTY POLITICS, which releases this week. Does this film expose the dirtiness of politics or the politics (even) in dirtiness, let's analyze.

The film starts off with Mukhtar (Jackie Shroff)'s addressing a massive crowd claiming that 'He is an insaan' (a la MSG?), and that's why he should be made victorious in the elections. No sooner he wraps up the speech; he is arrested by two sincere police officers Nirbhay Singh (Atul Kulkarni) and Nischay Singh (Sushant Singh), on the chargesof killingAnokhi Devi (Mallika Sherawat). Thereafter starts the flashback of events which establishes Mukhtar's killing of Anokhi and also the reason behind it. The flashback starts off with a dance number performed by Anokhi Devi (a 'breathtakingly gorgeous' dancer by profession). Seeing her and her waist's gyrations, Jan Seva Party's headhoncho Dinanath (Om Puri) falls head over heels in love with her and wants to 'achieve' her at any cost. A couple of meetings later, when Om Puri becomes successful in his 'achievement', he then, in the flow of events, promises Anokhi Devi to be the candidate from Merta region, something that even Mukhtar sets his eyes on. Because Mukhtar knows lot of secrets about Dinanath, the latter becomes helpless and then, lands up officially announcing Mukhtar to be the candidate from Merta. This decision of Dinanath sets Anokhi Devi's emotions and political ambitions on fire. That's when she drops a bombshell on Dinanath by showing an explosive CD that has them both in highly compromising positions with each other. On the advice of Dinanath's partner in crime (Ashutosh Rana), Anokhi Devi strikes a deal with Dinanath asking him for a whopping Rs. 50 crores, in return for the CD. Does Dinanath accept her offer and give her Rs. 50 crores in exchange of the explosive CD, why does Ashutosh Rana's character land up advising Anokhi Devi against Dinanath (even though he is the right hand man of Dinanath) and does Anokhi Devi really get killed or does it turn out to be yet another political ploy is what forms the rest of the film.

Even though this is the veteran filmmaker K.C.Bokadia's 'N'th film as a director and also a writer, the sad part is that he seems to have lost the film's plot and his directorial abilities. The film goes haywire almost in every second or third scene. One has to place the blame totally on his shoulders for being unable to extract any worthwhile performances from the cast (the film has many veteran actors). Competitively, the first half is a bit bearable as compared to the second half, which goes haywire totally.

As far as the performances are concerned, no prizes for guessing as to who is the 'prized possession' of the film: Mallika Sherawat. The sad part is that, despite having Mallika and her gyrations in the film (including a steamy song with Om Puri), her fans will be sorely disappointed as she features only in the film's flashback scenes. Mallika, on the other hand, only offers more and more of skin show and less and less of acting. As far as the other actors are concerned, the veteran and experienced actors like Om Puri (totally wasted), Rajpal Yadav (poor performance), Naseeruddin Shah (bearable) Govind Namdeo (overacts), Sunil Pal (irritating), Atul Kulkarni (good only at places) and Sushant Singh (decent). The pick of the lot is definitely Anupam Kher, who (in the role of a CBI officer Mishra), delivers what was expected out of him.

The music (Aadesh Shrivastav, Sanjeev Darshan, Robby Badal) and the lyrics of the film are absolutely nothing to write about, even the background score of the film is very average. The film scores very badly even in the editing department (Prakash Jha). As for the cinematography (Paneer Selvam), the less said the better. This is one of the many reasons for the film to be such an unbearable fare. The film's choreography (Ganesh Acharya) offers nothing more than 'encashing' on Mallika's long legs and curvaceous hips.

On the whole, DIRTY POLITICS is a highly avoidable fare.

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