1.5 Average

Dil Dosti Etc

DIL Dosti Etc is kind of a student production and any media student can made this kind of movie. When you see the movie then you can easily find this is a first film of the director. But Prakash Jha how can they passed the movie for theator. Story is very normal, nothing in the movie to grab the audience. The story is all about only actor Emraan (Aporva) notthing else.

In first half, your character should be define with their society, lifestyle etc. But you find these kind of things is not in the movie.
In the film, main charcter Emraan (Aporva) belongs to high society but he used only one constume in the whole movie i.e. Khaki Trouser and Grey T Shirt. His vehicle is old bike Yazdi. You can say khatara bike kind. If the director shows any time frame means in 1990 then you can understand the things means ok that time used these kinds of bikes but in another scene you show Nikita Anand with her Camry Car. So no time frame is maintaining. No any costume idea. Only one party scene discribe him (Emraan) belongs to high society when he meet his mother in party with her boyfriend and he took easily that things.

College violance is a normal but in actual its too wide. When we make a film we need to show height of the issue and come down on the resolution. Nothing is happen in this movie. The second main character is died in a very normal way.

Technically, no any sound efforts are there. Dialogues mahasha allah. Camera movement, what rubbish. You shot a group fighting scene and your camera is not shot the top view to cover all the aspects. The director used a singal scene sequence.