5 Excellent

Dhoom 2

My Review (manish_bully)

*Spoliers Warning*

Ok .. firstly .. it was a fabulous film, with lots of lots of action and fun. its a complete timepass and paisa vasool film. here goes my review in points.

Story : there is no as such story .. its simply a police-thief story. but with the twist given by the role of aishwarya. she brings a twist in story in second half and keep the romantic track going which is executed superbly. initially i though that Abhi-bips-uday will make another love triangle to story when udays says rimi that he will steal bips from abhi. anyways, thankfully that didin't happen and limited to the "touch me" song only. and then another twist in the story given by aishwarya in the climex. so overall its the script and screenplay that makes it more interest then the story.

Songs :
1. Dhoom Agian : Needless to say, the craze that this song creats in the theater was absolutly undescriable. after the robbary comes this song. and ppl just can't stop screaming.
2. Touch Me : only song that was not needed at all. but afterall Jr B needed a song, and this was his only chance. and bips has nothing to do in the film so last chance for her too.
3. Crazy kiya re : really as the name suggest, this song becomes craze. this song is a must watch for Aishwarya, she was simply awson in this song, specally the dance move and seductive expressions make ppl hold their breath for her. simply amazing picturisation.
4. My Name is Ali : Good song, loved the fun that Uday has added together with the picturisation of Hrithik-Aish training in beetween. overall a good song and doesn't let the film speed down.
5. Dil Laga na : OMG .. one of the best song ever, let it be dance moves, expression, taking story fwd or Hrithik-aish chemistry everything looks so perfectttttttt ... only problem when they showed Abhi dancing in same frame with Hrithik ??? u just laugh on this idea...lol.. the dialoges before this song beetwen Hr-Abhi makes this song even better .. just make the foundation of a great and very emotional song from HR's part.

Perforamnce :
1. Hrithik roshan : If he was not here, Dhhom-2 was not possible. he simply is awsom in the film and back bone of the film. its completely his film and the performance is simply mindblowing. the different getups that he used in the film was very entertaining and interesting and he make those getups alive. my best getup is the long hair Hulk-hogan look "gamez not over". fab
2. Aishwarya : I though she will add only glamor to the film, but she really acted so well, that she looks so perfect for the role of Sunehiri. the language she used and style was executed superbly by her, like saying "funny guy". . or the whole tapori, yet sophisticated language was awsome. after hrithik she is the show stealer. her part in the film was to introduce emotions and romance in the film and she succeded suerbly.
3. Uday : He has more screen time then Abhishek, that was not surpisical too, as he was the only one who was adding the comedy and fun part. and he rocks in that. he is the same Ali with added flavor.when Hrithik-Aish is not there, he is the one who keeps u entertain.
4. Abhishek and Bipasha : Had nothing to do much in the film, Abhishek over showed his coolness, but had few importante scenes. Bips was completely not needed at all .. specially in second half, the Double role didn't make any interesting twist other then adding few comic scenes.

Scenes to watch out for :
1. Hrithik's intro by robbing the train and the get-up of Maharani.
2. Hrithik-Aish first meeting in the fort.
3. Scene just after this. when Aish and Hrithik talks to each other and aish offers hrithik to be his partner.
4. The Basketball sequence, dialoges in between and most importantly the picturisation.... simply mindblowing. u want that to keep going on going on. Both Hr-Aish looks great there.
5. Scene where Hrithik ask aish for dinner and aish ask for better food.
6. Scene when hrithik show his real face to Aish.
7. pre-dil laga na scene, when Hrithik talk to Abhishek. mindblowing ...
8. The very emotional and perfectly picturised drama - The Gun Point Scene pre-Kiss
9. The climex when HR ask Abhishek "koi kisi ko itna pyaar kar sakta hai ki uski jaan le le ?" .. mindblowing .. and then Aish Shooting HR was mindblowing .. Emotions at its best.
10. All the Actions.

Scene that were not needed "
1. Abhi-Bips angle
2. Bipasha's double role was not required at all .. actually Bipash was not required at all. but then she added the fun part in brazil.

Overall : a superb film, complete masala and entertaining film, watch it out for Hrithik, action and HR-AISH chamistry. simply rocking. the ending was ok .. i think they should have end the film when aish shot Hritihk .. anyways .. after that too was good. a typical way to give film a HAPPY ENDING.

rating :
Performance : 5/5 for Hritihk and Aish, 3 for Uday to make u laugh. others are below Avg.
Songs : Good Picturisation makes it better ... 4/5 (excluding unneccessary "Tocuh me").
Action : 5/5, needless to say .. Dhoom Mach Gayi.

Total : 4/5 (watch out records, many gonna break with it)