2.5 Good

Dhoom 2

Honestly, the only reason this movie is worth watching is because it is entertaining. Ya the top stars are in it bipasha and hritik are my favourite actors, but like this movie has too many flaws in this story line, the action was not that great as expected. hritiks krissh was 100 times better. This movie obviously is worth watching but the first dhoom had a way better story line, this one was too unrealistic cuz he knew his crimes so he could have just caught hritik wat kinda cop plays around. that makes no sense. Also if Hritik died, it would have ben way better or if they just ended the movie wher she shot him but noo it has to be dragged on this movie was depressing cuz they could have done somethin so amazing liek make john abraham hritiks brother and him stil alive like the ending of the first one was so good cuz no one knew if he died or not. Same way they should have done that with hritik and shown them both in dhoom 3 or something just orignal. I am hearing that shah rukh khan will be in third one and if he is man he will kill both these dhooms he will do an amazing role as villain. Overall, this movie was expected of so much more but failed in it.