3.5 Very Good

Dhoom 2

Very good movie BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT..........ONLY THE FIRST HALF.The only person who was good and the only person who single handedly takes this movie RIGHT ON THE TOP is.........HRITHIK ROSHAN!!! He was TOTALY AWESOME!!! The biggest drawback of the movie is the poor screenplay in the second half.Bipasha was realy spoiled!!! Ash simply does not suit the character of a female intellegent thief,she looks dumb,NOTHING ELSE!! I thought Bipasha's double role was kinda humiliating for what she is capable of.She is SO MUCH MORE BETTER and looks more intellegent and classy than Ash and she should have been used better.The ending is also terribly disappointing.So god damn filmy.A thief who steals because he likes it and not just bcoz of money,for such a guy an ending where he falls in love so gives up everything and all is SOOOOOOO BORING AND FILMY.

But do watch the movie,its a must watch bcoz Hrithik has totaly stolen the show.Abhishek is looking very mediocore in front of him.You should defenitely watch it for Hrithik and for the first half.