4 Very Good


Now this is what happens to good movies without star appeal. You get a chance to see them couple of weeks down their release after hearing good word about them from all across. Dhamaal is a clean comedy which entertains big time. The script doesn’t have anything special to offer and yet it scores due to the performances and the comic punches packed across its 2and a half hour length.

Arshad Warsi, Javed Jafferey, Ritesh Deshmukh and Ashish Chowdhary are all in good touch and get good fabulous plot to enact. Sanjay Dutt provides the brand value to the movie. Indra Kumar has strengthened his position as an entertaining filmmaker with this effort. There are a couple of songs which are fine, but another good number in the second half should have surely helped the prospects. Though it has Sanjay Dutt adding face value to it, but it would have turned a much bigger success had it got few saleable stars attached to its credit. Overall a family entertainer, which will make you laugh your hearts out :) But if you talk about long lasting Impact, well it might not be a Rang De!!