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Delhii Heights Movie Review

Delhii Heights Movie Rating

The current generation of working professionals leads a life very different than what it was earlier. That’s the essence of DELHII HEIGHTS.

But the question is, does this seemingly realistic yarn work? Sure, DELHII HEIGHTS tries to portray the life of many working professionals in the metros of India, with Delhi in particular, but the result isn't as convincing.

What acts as a spoilsport here is the writing. Had the material been as compelling as the actors enacting the parts, the results would've been complimentary. But that's not the case here!

Abi [Jimmy Shergill] and Suhana [Neha Dhupia] are a newly-wed couple who live in a building complex called Delhii Heights. They work for rival companies. In the same society live Timmy [Om Puri], his wife Ruby [Kamini Khana] and their daughter Sweety. Abi's friend Bobby [Rohit Roy] and his wife Saima [Simone Singh] also live in the same complex.

Due to their tiresome and tedious professional lives, Abi and Suhana are not able to dedicate ample time to each other and have to compromise on many occasions. On the other hand, Bobby is a compulsive flirt. When Suhana and Bobby dance on Holi and when they meet at Suhana's house for a business chat, Abi begins to feel uncomfortable with Bobby being around too much and gets a little possessive. All these factors reduce the tolerance level of the couple.

Abi and Suhana, employed with rival companies, are working on the same deal and it seems to be going in favor of Abi. But at the end moment, the deal goes in favor of Suhana's company. Abi feels Suhana has taken advantage by reading his confidential documents and taking the deal away from him. He has a tiff with her and does not even give her a chance to explain her viewpoint.

Saima is fed up of her husband's flirtatious ways and catches him red-handed one day. In the tension that follows, Bobby meets with an accident. Since she loves him, she takes care of him until he recovers. Bobby begs for another chance. That incident changes their lives.

Meanwhile, Abi realizes his fault and apologizes to Suhana, realizing that she was not responsible for anything and had never broken his trust in the first place. All's well that ends well. Other tracks are that of a group of friends who are just having fun and play pranks.

The story stands on a realistic platform and the identification with the premise is tremendous. But the material hasn't been explored to the optimum. An exciting screenplay would've only taken the graph of the film upwards. Also, a number of scenes are unnecessary and seem forced in the narrative. The writing lacks vision.

Barring the Jimmy-Neha track and to an extent, Rohit-Simone track, the other stories only add to the length of the film. Had the director concentrated on limited characters, the results would've been better.

After an ordinary first hour, you expect things to perk up in the second half. But, again, the mediocre writing doesn't improve things. Even the climax is a disappointment. A better culmination was the need of the hour for sure.

Given the material, director Anand Kumar's execution doesn't really help elevate matters. Music [Rabbi Shergill] is pleasant. ‘Tere Bin' is the best track of the enterprise; its one number you carry home after the show has concluded. Cinematography is striking. Dialogues don't leave much of an impact.

Jimmy Shergill is a complete natural. The role demanded an able performer and Jimmy doesn't let you down one bit. Neha Dhupia enacts her part with equal conviction. She seems to be evolving into a fine actor. Rohit Roy goes a little over the top, but is alright otherwise. Simone Singh is efficient. Om Puri doesn't get substantial footage, but is a delight to watch whenever he appears on screen. Kamini Khanna and Vivek Shauq are just about okay.

On the whole, DELHII HEIGHTS is too mediocre a fare to leave any impression. The pre-release promotion [attractive promos] might appeal to a section of the multiplex-going junta, that's about it!

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