4.5 Excellent


The cinema hall is a classroom that everytime asks the question: : "What will I learn or memorise?" Let one thing be crystal-clear - You will not learn anything as Dabanng story proposes nothing new but you will definitely memorise two words at the end: "CHULBUL PANDEY" This is the haunting appealing impact that Chulbul Pandey leaves in your mind and undoubtedly, all credits goes to Salman Khan. The way he portrays his character is awesome . It is so effective that not only you are teloported to Chulbul's world but you are almost watching the birth of a legend! Set in Laalgunj, Dabanng story began with the childhood of Chulbul (Salman) and Makkhi (Arbaaz) and how the gap between them is emotionally deep. Grown between half-blood relationships, Chulbul became a corrupt but golden hearted policeman that tracks criminals doing high-flying, 'matrixed' and 'hulked' stunts. There enters Rajo (Sonakshi) that has an alcoholic father and a polio-infected brother and Cheddi Singh (Sonu Sood), a politician villain whose legs are as long as law's hands. Entrangled between his falling relationships [after the death of Chulbul's mother (Dimple)], between his conquest of love for Rajo and his duel with Cheddi, Chulbul's saga develops and mesmerizes the audience.