3.5 Very Good

The biggest global superstar(SRK),The most successful director(Rohit Shetty), biggest actress of 2013(Deepika) together in a movie, the expectations are HUGE, does the film live up to its hype?.... The answer is YES it does. Over the years Rohit Shetty's films have created a brand for itself, and we as an audience know just what to expect.... Chennai Express is no exeption, as it delivers what it promised...COMPLETE FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT and nothing else. It is probably one of the most cleanest films ever made, a film without any vulgarity or cheap jokes, a film suitable for all ages. The biggest plus point of this comic film is that it also has some logic its not completly illogical like many other masala films such as BOL BACCHAN, KHILADI 786 or READY. This film also is a full paisa vasool film and it helps SRK build and restructure his image as the KING of BOLLYWOOD, which somehow he lost because of RA.ONE and JTHJ. So if you are looking at having 125 minutes of complete entertainment with your whole family this is THE TRAIN TO CATCH!!!!!...so JUST GET ON THE TRAIN BABY!!!!!