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Chanda Aur Bijli

While returning home Jamnadas Mukadam comes across an unconscious woman lying on the street. He takes her home and is told that she is pregnant, so he summons Ramdaiya, who assists the woman in giving birth to a baby boy, names him Chanda, and passes away. Ramdaiya then takes the child to an Ashram and leaves him in the care of Ghanshamlal (Ulhas) and his wife (Bela Bose). This is where Chanda (Master Sachin) grows up with other orphans, is often physically abused and underfed. With help from others he manages to run away on a goods train and arrives in Bombay. Once there he ends up with a street performer, Bijli (Padmini), who is assisted by pick-pockets, and ends up at their hideout which is run by Bhagatram Bhandari (Jeevan). He befriends Bijli, accompanies the troupe but ends up in trouble when he tries to stop them from stealing. He is severely beaten by the boys as well as Bhagatram - but worse is yet to come when Bijli's boyfriend, Sheru (Sanjeev Kumar), gets discharged from prison - and compels Chanda to accompany him and others to break into the mansion of wealthy Rajeshwarnath Lakhpati (Bipin Gupta).

Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)