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Challo Driver Music Review



You aren't really sure about what to expect from the music of Challo Driver. Leaving aside the fact that the film's title is quite similar to Chalo Delhi

which had released last year, the fact that it is a largely untested teas of composers (Gaurav Dayal, Sajjad Ali Chandwani) and lyricist (Vickrant Mahajan, who is

also the male lead and director here) makes you a tad apprehensive to check out what really is in store.


The album starts rather well though with Hard Kaur beginning proceedings in her characteristic 'andaaz'. Soon after Mika takes over and one has to acknowledge

the fact that he is really spirited in his rendition here as he brings in the kind of energy that one expects from him in the biggest of the soundtracks. This time

around he introduces the female protagonist as 'Kudi Pataka Driver' and does make an instant impression along with co-singer Gaurav Dayal.

As the title of the song suggests, 'Dehle Pe Gulla' has a Punjabi base to it and has a heartland feel to it. Labh Janjua and Gaurav Dayal come

together for this yet another enjoyable number that deserved to be promoted far more aggressively than being heard just days prior to the film's release. This is

the kind of track that carries a potential of good popularity coming its way, provided there is an effective collage of shots from the film accompanying it.

Gaurav Dayal and Aditi Veena come together for 'Wakhre Wakhre Kaam' which has a 80s feel to it and brings back the memories of the kind of

pop/disco scenario that existed back then. With the kind of pretext that the song carries, (about doing something different in life than following routine) this could

well have been one spicy number. However the core tune is so laidback that it just doesn't manage to excite you enough and turns out to be passé.

The most experienced of them all, Shaan, is heard next as he goes about crooning 'Umangon Ka Karwan'. Leaving aside the fact that the lyrics

turn a little too poetic to be fitting into the quintessential Bollywood soundtrack, the overall tune, arrangements and even sheer rendition hardly makes you sit up

and give it a second hearing. With the kind of arrangements that had been left behind in the decade gone by, this song with Raktima as Shaan's partner behind the

mike hardly makes you fall for it.

Last to arrive is Shubhankar Dutta's 'Ittefaq Hai Daastan Hai' which, from the sheer title, makes you wonder, the genre that the song would fall in.

Frankly, the album is on a continuous decline since the first two tracks by Mika and Labh Janjua. Now this one hardly helps the cause and only forces you to keep

the album aside, hence diluting some level of excitement that was created in the beginning.


While the songs themselves are no great shakes, the very fact that there hasn't been much promotion either further dents whatever little hopes that the makers

may have carried for its music. Avoidable.


Kudi Pataka Driver, Dehle Pe Gulla

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