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Calendar Girls

CALENDAR GIRLS - Honestly i was not expecting much of anything from Calendar Girls and it was not in my plan to watch the movie and spent my money on it (lastly i end up watching it for free because my friend get his first job and it was a treat). After watching it i can say i was not that disappointed . Sometimes it good to keep your expectations really low. But that should not be the case when its a film by Madhur Bhandarkar. He is a well known director in B - Town that also for his realistic films. But in his last outings results were not so good. JAIL has been an average one and HEROIN was really boring . Although i liked DIL TO BACHACHA HEI JI , but it was not quite a kind of film which we expect from Bhandarkar. But yes FASHION was really good and also i think CORPORATE was great and only movie which show deep inside how bad a corporate world could be for a female. Unfortunately i haven't yet seen CHANDNI BAR and PAGE 3 , two more of his good movies. With Calendar Girls i can say its a small comeback from Bhandarkar. Seriously there was nothing new in the movie , its the same old story of glamour world , little bit of connected with Match Fixing and Girls turning into escorts because of their luxurious requirement . It feels too old. I mean a well educated girl can get any job . Just because she is Pakistani which is not being much appreciated in our country doesn't mean that she has to turn into a Female Escort. This one was the worst of all the five stories. But i cant explain all of them other wise i have to write twice of what i always write. Out of five stories at least three of them had the potential of being a whole movie about it , but in a short time of 2hr and 11 mins we cant get enough of them. Bhandarkar should have at least skipped two stories. But the good thing is that the flow was good. Editing has being really nice. Boring scenes or melodrama has been totally avoided (which actually made HEROIN such a boring experience). So its like you will never get bored of it , neither you will get much of any excitement in it. It has been said that the story of the Hydrabadi girl played by Akanksha Puri has been inspired from Shilpa Shetthy who leave his carrier in glamour world to marry a business man. But i didn't find anything similar in it. And also to tell the story of Shilpa Shetty , it needs a whole movie to be made on it. Among all the girls its only one girl who can really act good. And that's Kyra Dutt . And also Ruhi Singh has a potential of being a comic character. Rest three of them are just OK. Direction was good , otherwise movie could have been really bad. Songs were not chart buster but yes the glamour factor was there and at least the male audience doesn't mind a song when 5 beautiful girls are dancing together in it. One thing the movie has been constant in it and that's exposure from the girls. We even see a Reporter wearing Translucent Top while anchoring a Bollywood news programme. There was a good message portrait in the movie that its not the glamour world which is bad , but buts our personal choices which are bad . In the climax out of five stories 3 of then turned out to have happy ending. For a changes that was a good move by Bhandarkar.

Anyways , i would expect Madhur to go up from here , and his next MADAMJI is with Priyanka Chopda so expectation will be higher. For the time being i cant say that i will recommend anybody to see Calendar Girls , you can skip it or you can watch it , in either case its not a bad decision. 6/10. By ANuP APu KuMaR.