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Bombay To Bangkok

Nagesh kukunoor has always given us some splendid and original works like Iqbal , dor , teen deewarein ( have not seen Hyderabad blues ) and thus expectations from his attempt to go mainstream will always be high . but sadly Nagesh kukunoor disappoints with Bombay to Bangkok and that too in a big way . .

Bombay to Bangkok(BTB) is a story of Shankar ( shreyas talpade ) a chef , who in an attempt to earn some rapid money steals it from khan ( Naseeruddin shah ) .and in a chaotic way Shankar gets aboard on the team of members who r going to Bangkok for a relief camp .. In Bangkok he goes to a massage parlour where he sees Jasmine (Lina Christianson) and is immediately smitten by her . Shankar then goes to Bangkok in search of a packet with jasmine and they fell in love on the way . but after reaching there destination Jasmine comes to know about Shankars real identity and as usual dumps our hero . our hero then goes back to camp to woo her where he finds out he has been labelled the charge of stealing medicines and Jasmine is being helf by police as she had gone along with him . in an attempt to prove he is innocent Shankar decides to find who the real chor is .

After Seeing the film one just asks one question why Mr. Kukoonor , what was the need of such a film . never expected it from you . BTB lacks the story to keep u interested for 2 hours . . as the writer here is Nagesh kukunoor himself he is responsible for turning out such a bland and boring story full of cliches . Film tries too hard to be funny at places and this situations annoy us . the whole dream sequesnces involving Shreyas and the rapper scenes with Vijay maurya are ok for 1-2 scenes but then it gets repeatitive and annoying as hell . even in the department of direction the film fails . Nagesh in the entire film fails to create one really funny or interesting scene .

Music by saleem sulaiman is forced and doesnot suit the narrative infact it slackens the already slow pace . ‘Same same but different’ is mediocre while mausam hai suhana is good . editing by Sanjib data is poor . Cinematography by Sudeep Chatterjee is poor and fails to captur the beauty of Bankok . it really is hard to understand that the same team( Editor – Cinematographer – music director – director ) who gave us gems like Dor and Iqbal can fail in such a big way .

In Acting department Lina Chriastanson suits her part well , yatin kerekar does not get a role that would do justice to his talent . Vijay Maurya as rapper is strictly ok though it gets annoying after time . Manmeet singh as Rass is mediocre .

Shreyas Talpade is one of the best actors of the new generation and am terrible disappointed with his choices after Dor . apna sapna money money , OSO , Aggar , Bombay to Bangkok . here he acts well is quite effective in the scenes particularly in the ones where there is language problem but still it was way below his potential . its sad Nagesh couldn’t take out better performance from him . pls Shreyas start selecting better scripts .

On the Whole Bombay to Bangkok is an example of what Directors should not do . they should make films what they r good at . Bombay to Bangkok a commercial film from him did worse than his iqbal and dor proves that . hope to see u back in form in Ashayein and Tasveer ( 8 x 10) .

Rating 1/5